Ten Backyard Trampoline Safety Tips

We thought that backyard trampolines may have been a fad that wouldn’t last, but they are more popular than ever, and for good reason. They are super fun! To make sure your kids have years of backyard trampoline fun, start with our Elite Trampoline System, and then set some ground rules that’ll help keep your kids safe.

#1 Do regular inspections

Check the springs, make sure that your trampoline mat has no tears or holes, and clear off any toys before kids jump. While our trampolines, and many others, are very high quality, it is worth checking these things weekly. And, you can teach the older kids to do safety checks before jumping to make sure the younger ones are staying safe.

#2 Install your trampoline properly

Read the manual that comes with your trampoline and follow instructions. If the height is adjustable, keep it as low to the ground as you can, and always make sure you’ve included a net or other safety enclosure to make sure no one can fall off.

#3 Supervise

Make sure kids are supervised at all times on the trampoline. Don’t let the little ones jump alone without the supervision of an older sibling or someone else who is responsible enough to make sure rules are followed.

#4 Choose your spot carefully

Make sure you’ve chosen a level area in your yard. If your yard is sloped, you’ll need to level out a spot for your trampoline. Don’t ever put a trampoline on an uneven or sloped surface. Make sure your trampoline is clear for about eight feet on all sides. Fences, trees, and other obstructions can create safety hazards.

#5 Set limits for new jumpers

When your kids are new to the trampoline, maintain a one jumper at a time rule. We think that one jumper at a time is a good rule for everyone, no matter how experienced they are, but use your best judgement.

#6 Look for safety features

Our trampolines are all high quality and include covered springs and a net that is installed around the jumping pad, inside the springs. Make sure you are purchasing an enclosure that is made to go with your trampoline. Ideally, you’ll want to buy them together, from the same manufacturer.

#7 Do pre-jump checks

Make sure no one is wearing any jewelry that might pose a safety hazard. Earrings and other jewelry can get caught in nets. It just isn’t worth the risk. And, don’t forget to make sure that the mat is dry before letting kids jump. Even if it hasn’t been raining, even a little bit of dew or condensation can make the mat slippery.

#8 Maintain a strict no-stunts policy

If your kids want to learn how to do backflips or other tricks, your backyard trampoline is not the place for them to learn. Enroll them in a tumbling or gymnastics class.

#9 Wear appropriate clothing

Just like earrings and jewelry, clothes like hoodies with drawstrings can be hazardous. Drawstrings can get caught up in nets or on poles.

#10 Have fun

Follow the safety rules and your entire family can have years of fun with your backyard trampoline.

Now that you know the safety rules, check out our Elite Trampoline System. We think you and your kids will love it.