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12′ x 20′ Rectangle Gazebo

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  • screen package including door
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All of our gazebos are designed and built with the highest level of quality materials and structural longevity in mind. We start by using pressure treated 4×4 beams as a base. On top of those beams we install 2×6 upright floor joists which are then covered with 2×6 floor boards. This creates a stable foundation for your gazebo. The posts are then inserted into precut holes, after which rails are then added to the posts. To ensure quality, the roof is constructed on the ground with 2×6 rafters. When the framework for the roof is complete, we install 1×3 molded lath boards. These lath boards are then covered with cedar shake shingles.

For vinyl gazebos, the rafters are covered with ½’ sheeting. The shingle of your choice is installed on the top of the sheeting. The interior of the ceiling is then covered in vinyl. This method of construction creates a roof that looks just as good inside as it does on the outside.

Finally, we anchor the roof to the posts. This entire process results in a gazebo that you can depend on to last and enjoy for many years to come


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