Magellan Explorer 2


The Magellan Explorer 2 playset will provide endless fun and adventure for your kids, and its sturdy and reliable design is just the thing you want for your backyard. The Magellan Explorer 2 has standard features and options you can choose including:

Standard Features

  • 5′ Rock Wall

Options Shown

  • Three Position Single Beam
  • Two Belt Swings
  • Toddler Bucket
  • 10′ Rocket Slide
  • Lower Enclosure with Side Table

You can customize the Magellan Explorer 2 playscape to fit the exact needs and desires of your family. We’re sure that every child will love to slide down the ten foot rocket slide, play in the lower enclosure and have a picnic at the side table, as well as swing on the two person swingset. Don’t forget to add the toddler bucket for your youngest to enjoy themselves. This wooden play structure is the perfect addition to any yard.

Dimensions:  19′ 5″ wide x 17′ 1″ deep x 11′ 5″ high

Backyard Adventures Catalog – Page 57

Install – $199.00


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