Magellan Explorer 3


The Magellan Explorer 3 playset can add the excitement and entertainment to your backyard that your kids are hoping for. This wooden play structure comes with standard features, as well as options you can choose to get the playset that’s right for you.

Standard Features

  • Picnic Table

Options Shown

  • Magellan Tower with 6′ Solid Rock Wall
  • Two Position Super Single Beam
  • Two Belt Swings
  • 12′ Rocket Slide
  • Super Fireman’s Pole

No backyard is complete without a wooden playset for the kids to play on. The Magellan Explorer 3 is perfect for any family who wants to have a fun space, right in the comfort of their own backyard. The picnic table that comes standard is the perfect place to combine play with snack time or lunch for added outdoor time. You can also choose additional features that will work best for your family such as two belt swings for a swingset, a fireman’s pole, and a 12 foot rocket slide. Get the Magellan Explorer 3 playset and make your kid’s dreams come true.

Dimensions:  16′ 2″ wide x 19′ 9″ deep x 11′ 5″ high

Backyard Adventures Catalog – Page 58

Install – $199.00


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