Mountaineer Explorer 3


The Mountaineer Explorer 3 playset really gets wild with a gang plank next to the 10′ rocket slide. With all of the standard items such as the rope ladder, tire swivel swing, and solid rock wall, this outdoor playset is big, strong, and loads of fun. Your children will love the standard features as well as the options they can choose from.

Standard Features

  • Tire Swivel Swing
  • Accessory Arm with Rope Ladder
  • 5′ Rock Wall

Options Shown

  • 4 Position 8′ Swing Beam
  • 3 Belt Swings
  • Infant Swing
  • 10′ Rocket Slide
  • Explorer Gang Plank

If you really want the Mountaineer Explorer 3 playscape to stand out in your backyard, make sure you include the three belt swings for a swingset, add an infant swing for your littlest one, a 10 foot rocket slide, and a explorer gang plank for the ultimate in fun. This wooden play structure is exactly what your children and your backyard need.

Dimensions:  12′ 5″ wide x 27′ 1″ deep x 11′ 4″ high

Backyard Adventures Catalog – Page 64


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