Encourage Your Kid’s Imagination With Outdoor Play

Children should play outside as much as possible. Not only is outdoor play great for the health and wellness of your child, but playing outside is also a great way to encourage the development of your child’s imagination. Playing outdoors can help to boost children’s creativity by giving them the ability to create their own…read more

The Best Backyard Playdate Ideas For Kids

If you’re a parent with young kids, it’s likely that you need new and fun playdate ideas for your kids on a regular basis. Here at Texas Backyard Structures, the playhouses, trampolines, and playscapes that we sell at our Austin business could create endless playdate opportunities for your children. We’ve come up with a list…read more

Reasons Parents Love Outdoor Play For Children

We all know that kids love to get outside and play. Outside playtime has various benefits for children, and adults should encourage outside playtime for children as much as possible. However, outside playtime doesn’t just positively benefit children, it also positively benefits the parents and the adults that are taking care of children. If you’re…read more

Benefits Of Outdoor Play For Children

Children today are spending more and more time inside on electronic devices and less time outside playing and exercising. With technology’s ever-increasing hold on them, today’s kids are missing out on one of the greatest childhood memories that they can have: Outdoor playtime. Here at Texas Backyard Structures, we want to see kids engaged in…read more

What to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor Playset

We know there are tremendous benefits for children when they get outside playtime. Children need time outside to get vitamin D and fresh air, and to run-out all of the energy that they have. When you want your children to be able to play outside and stay close to home, an outdoor playset from Texas Backyard…read more