Starting around $6,370
pavilion wood gallery02

A charming, elegant design that will stand the test of time. Choose from 5 stains.


Starting around $9,975
wood alpine pavilion Austin Texas

You’ll love the sturdy, rustic beauty of the Alpine’s ski lodge-inspired design.

Grand Estate

Starting around $21,490
wood grand estate pavilion Austin Texas

Looking for lots of open space? The Grand Estate has free spans as long as 24′.

Santa Fe

Starting around $9,015
pavilion santa fe cedar pavilion Austin Texas

Eye-catching arched braces and unique roof slope. Available in Cedar and Pine.


Starting around $6,395
wood a frame pavilion Austin Texas

We took our Traditional wood pavilion design and gave it a classic, peaked roof.


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palatian wood pavilion Austin Texas

Our largest kit pavilion ever, expertly designed for commercial spaces.

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