Four Health Benefits Of Playing Outdoors

We all know that our children should spend as much time outside as they can. When your child plays outside, not only are they able to get out a lot of their energy, but they are also able to benefit from all of the great health perks that come from playing outside. If you want to create the perfect backyard space that encourages your child to play outside more, you need a playscape for your Austin home. Here at Texas Backyard Structures, we have playscapes that will meet the needs and interests of your child, whether they like castles, ships, trains, or even monster trucks, there’s a playscape that has been designed just for their enjoyment. When you get a playscape for your Austin home, your child’s health may even be benefited in these four ways.


#1. Their vision may be improved or strengthened.

When children play outside, they are required to use their depth-perception and long-distance vision more-so than when they play inside. The more your child uses their vision in different ways, the more likely it is that their vision will be improved or strengthened.

#2. Their social skills may increase.

When children play outside, especially on a playscape where kids will engage in more unstructured play, your child will have to work on their social skills. Children will have to work through things such as, who will go down the slide first, who will climb up the ladder first, and when the other person will get a turn on the swing. Children will also be able to interact and play games on playscapes that will help to further develop their social and behavioral skills.

#3. Their attention span may increase.

When kids are allowed to play uninterrupted for extended periods of time, it gives them a chance to fully engage with an activity, which can increase their attention span. When kids play inside and have access to all of their toys, they’re more likely to switch from one activity rather quickly. However, when kids are outside, and the only activity is to play on a playscape or playground, they are required to be more creative with the games they are playing and to increase the amount of time they play the games for.

#4. Their vitamin D levels may improve.

Spending time in the sun is greatly beneficial for increasing your child’s vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is essential to help our bodies prevent things such as, bone problems, heart disease, and diabetes, to name a few. If your child does not burn easily, allow them to play outside for about ten minutes or so without sunscreen, which will allow them to soak up the vitamin D. However, your child should not go any longer than 15 minutes outside without sunscreen.

If you’re ready to create the perfect space in your backyard for your child to play outside so they can start reaping all of the health benefits of outdoor play, get a playscape for your Austin home today. Shop now!