How To Choose The Right Outdoor Playset For Your Backyard

We’re the authority on backyard playsets in Texas. And, we know that when you’re thinking about buying an outdoor playset for your kids, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from. You could pick up a ready-to-assemble swing at the local big box store, or you could invest a bit more in something you know is well-built and will hold up to the weather and provide years of fun. You’ll want to consider much more than just price, though. Please keep in mind these things when you are choosing a new outdoor playset for your backyard.


You may start out with a playset that includes a couple of swings, a rock wall and a slide, like our Grand Chateau Playset. As your children grow and their circle of friends grows, will you be able to add more features to keep everyone’s imaginations engaged and make sure that they don’t get bored? If your kids are young and something, like a climbing wall, isn’t yet appropriate for them, you’ll want to make sure that the playset you buy can be expanded to add a climbing wall or other features.

Is your yard small? If so, that’s another reason to look for a playset that is customizable. You can start out with something that fits your needs right now, and grows with your family as your kids grow, as your home grows, and as your yard-space grows over the years.


Make sure that any playset you’re considering is safe for your kids and age appropriate. If you don’t know what to look for, ask. If you don’t get the answers you are looking for, keep looking. Keep in mind that any play set can be unsafe if it isn’t installed properly. Our professional installation is top-notch.


Here’s where you’ll find the biggest difference between big-box store playsets and playsets like the ones you can purchase from us. A ready-to-assemble playset is likely to be made of aluminum, which will rust and isn’t very strong. All of our playsets are well-built, using the best materials. They’re built to take anything your kids can throw at them. You really don’t want to be worried about having to supervise your kids so they don’t break the playset. That’s something you’ll never have to worry about when you purchase one of ours.


Don’t let anyone try to tell you that a playset doesn’t need maintenance. It does. And, a cheap playset may need a lot more maintenance than you think. Our playsets are made with treated, high-quality wood and UV-resistant plastic so, while they aren’t completely maintenance free, they’re not going to become a burden. The wood is pest-resistant and holds up to all kinds of weather. Every year, clean the playset with a good spray from your hose. After cleaning, do a quick inspection and make sure everything looks good.  And once every couple of years, check the wood and apply a basic wood sealer to any spots that seem like they are taking a lot of wear and tear. Those simple steps should keep your kids in backyard fun for years to come.


Take a look at all that’s available. We’re pretty confident you won’t find higher quality or a better value than what we have to offer. We’re located in Austin and serve the entire great state of Texas. If you’re considering a new playset and aren’t sure where to start, give us a call. Our experts are standing by and are ready to answer any questions.