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10’ Octagon Wood Gazebo


Traditional Amish gazebos are constructed of wood. Wood can be painted or stained and refinished. Garden gazebos constructed with wood also provide a warm atmosphere for an at-home feel. Our standard wooden gazebos are made of pressure-treated southern yellow pine. Our heavy-duty floor consists of double 2×6 joists and solid 2×6 wood decking boards.The 4×4 posts are laminated as standard, and support 36″ high hand railings. They come with arched corner braces and 6″ top spindles. The roof is built with double 2×4 rafters, and sheeted with beautiful 1×6 tongue & groove boards, covered with roofing paper and architectural asphalt shingles.


  • 10’ Wood Octagon $8,395
  • Dutch Style
  • Stained $924

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