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Princess Castle



8’x6’x11’ Palace
3 position Swing beam
2 belt swings
1 glider
10’ wave slide
Bubble panel
Draw bridge
4 flags

Multi-Colored Stain+$1,096

  • Made of #1 or better pressure treated southern yellow pine
  • milled on all 4 sides, with rounded corners, (to reduce the chance of splinters) and for a nice smooth finish.
  • 2×4 joist for a solid foundation for the structure.
  • We use stainless steel bolts, washers, nuts, lag bolts, swing beam plates, swing hangers for a longer lasting product and to eliminate rust spots. We have a large selection of stain colors to choose from. We use a solid color stain that has a 25 year siding and 10 year deck warranty.
  • With a little care and maintenance these structures should last between 15 to 20 years.


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