Turbo Jungle


With plenty of space to hide, climb, and explore, our Turbo Jungle commercial playset is perfect for children ages four through ten. Featuring an avalanche and sidewinder slide, two angled tunnels, three foot rock wall, bridge, and two towers, there will be plenty of adventures ahead. A ship’s wheel and bubble panel round out this playground. Swing Kingdom’s commercial playset are ADA compliant.

Required Space 43’w x 34’d

Dimensions 31’w x 22’d x 13’h

Weight 2,122 lbs.

Tower 5′ X 9′ double, 5′ x 5′ deck

Deck Height 3′, 4′, 5′

Access 3′ x 8′ ramp with rails

Roof gable roof

Climber 3′ rock wall with rope

Connector 4′ x 5′ bridge with rails

Slide 10′ avalanche slide, 4′ sidewinder slide, angle tunnel express slide

Anchors 4

Accessories ship’s wheel, bubble panel

Border* 154′ landscape timber

Mulch* 6 ton rubber mulch
30 cubic yds. wood mulch

*Recommended, not included

***Price INCLUDES installation within 30 miles


Rent-To-Own (no credit check) $874.12/mo.*

Financing As Low As $323/mo. (upon credit approval)

*2 initial payments required for RTO delivery and installation.

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