What To Consider Before Buying An Outdoor Playset

We know there are tremendous benefits for children when they get outside playtime. Children need time outside to get vitamin D and fresh air, and to run-out all of the energy that they have. When you want your children to be able to play outside and stay close to home, an outdoor playset from Texas Backyard Structures in Austin is the perfect solution. Before deciding what kind of outdoor playset is right for your children, there are some things you may want to consider before making your purchase.

Space in Your Backyard

Before deciding what kind of outdoor playset you should buy for your home’s backyard, you will want to consider the amount of space you have in your backyard. You will need to ensure that there is not only room for the playset to fit in your backyard, but your children will want plenty of room around the playset in order to run and play. If the outdoor playset you are purchasing has swings, you will want to consider if there is enough space in front of the playset and behind the playset in order to allow for not only swinging, but every kid loves to jump off of the swing as well. It is recommended that there should be at least a 6-foot perimeter surrounding the playset in your backyard. You will also want to ensure that there are no low-hanging branches or electrical wires in your backyard that could be a potential hazard to your children when they are playing.

Playset Material

Outdoor playsets are generally made up of three common materials: Wood, metal, and plastic. Here at Texas Backyard Structures, our outdoor playsets are predominantly wood and vinyl. We use yellow pine and cedar wood for the structures of our playscapes, and we prefer vinyl over metal for our slides and swings. When it comes to the care of your wooden outdoor playset from Texas Backyard Structures, you’ll want to ensure that you are prepared for the upkeep, including regular wood preservation treatments. When you choose one of our Swing Kingdom swing sets, its vinyl-clad construction will allow you to avoid any kind of annual wood treatment.

Customize Your Outdoor Playset

Here at Texas Backyard Structures, we allow our customers to get exactly what they want for their children and their playset. Our playsets have unlimited configurations and accessories to ensure that you can get a customized outdoor playset that meets the needs of your budget and your backyard. Whether you’re looking for a traditional look for your children’s outdoor playset with swings, ladders, and slides or you’d like to get a more unique playscape in the form of a ship, castle, or monster truck, we have multiple options for families to find the playset that is right for them. Your children will be able to spend hours outside enjoying the sunshine and using their imaginations when you buy an outdoor playset from Texas Backyard Structures.

Once you’ve decided what kind of outdoor playset you would like for home’s backyard, contact us here at Texas Backyard Structures in Austin. We can help to transform your backyard into the ultimate play area for your kids.